One Woman. One City. One Dream



 Sometimes it’s the small things that matter. What you see, what affects you. How life goes by and you want to make the world a better place. Make a difference in the world. You can. One Lizzie Bag at a time…


I hate to see waste. So I started recycling a long time ago. Slowly I started consuming less. I’d always bring my own shopping bag, always had a small one in my purse. I started refusing plastic bags from shops, even when I bought clothes. I used my own.


Then I went to open air markets and kept using plastic & paper bags. Enough was enough. I started sewing a few for myself, then showed them around. And here I am. I hope you like them.


At first I had the bags produced by a woman in West Bengal, but the quality was not up to par. Then I moved production to Mumbai and although the cooperative was wonderful in helping women in need, again, the quality was not good enough for my standards.


So now, production is moving to Belgium and still working with under-privileged people who need the work. The first samples are good, so now waiting for all the materials to arrive from India.





 Eco warrior, engineer, mom. World traveller. Photographer and avid book reader.

Give me Ben Elton or Carl Hiaasen and I'm a happy cookie!

Oh and the less plastic, the better. Brussels is what I call home.





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FYI, I started an INDIEGOGO campaign in June 2014 to get me started. The response was good and I now get regular etsy orders weekly and also I supply an organic shop in Brussels. But given I no longer have much stock, I am waiting to get more stock to start my  direct selling.